Parenting with Love & Limits

Parenting with Love and Limits (PLL) is an evidence-based family education, skills building and therapeutic intervention model which has demonstrated effectiveness in significantly reducing aggressive behaviors, depression, attention deficit disorder problems, externalizing problems and substance use while also reducing recidivism and improving family communication.

PLL combines group therapy and family therapy to treat children and adolescent youth ages 10-18 who have severe emotional and behavioral problems and co-occurring disorders such as depression, alcohol or drug use disorders, chronic truancy, property destruction, domestic violence, or suicidal thoughts. PLL teaches families how to regain adult authority through consistent limits while reclaiming a caring relationship. It includes six family sessions, conducted by two facilitators, videotapes, and role-play. Individual families also receive 1-2 hour therapy sessions to practice the skills learned in the group setting.

Six family therapy sessions are recommended for low to moderate risk adolescents.

Up to 20 sessions are recommended for those with more severe problems such as involvement with the juvenile or criminal justice system.

PLL’s integration of group sessions and family therapy is designed to help families apply skills and concepts to real life situations and in order to prevent relapse.